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Dennis Dove
Lead Vocals & Drums

There are not enough words to describe this extremely versatile and talented musician, Dennis' musical journey started at age ten when he began playing drums live on the radio and church with his brother Myron Dove (Santana) and guitarist friend Oliver Harris. In high school he further his talent in a variety of bands in 1978 he picked up his roots and relocated to San Jose 
Their band the Tear Magnets experienced considerable success and a critically acclaimed CD he continues to entertain audiences with his invaluable musical and personal spirit his efforts to promote live music are noteworthy' he nurtures other musicians by hosting a pro-blues jam at JJ's Blues the past 25 years with a powerful rhythm & style and organized fund raisers for hurricane Sandy & hurricane Katrina with other disaster victims. He has played live on the radio for a blues marathon and spends most of his time recording in the studio with various musicians releasing one of the best CD in Northern California.  
Shared the same stage with; Myron Dove & Tony Lindsay (Santana) 
Kenny Neal, John Lee Hooker Sr, Willie Big Eyes Smith, Jimmy Johnson
Ike & The Cold Bloods, Mike Wheeler, Toronzo Cannon, Pistol Pete 
JC Smith, Sharon Lewis, Red Archibald, Chico Banks, Bob Stroger
Michael Warren, Lara Price, Stan Erhart, Vince Caminiti, John Garcia 
Johnny Nitro, Amy Lou, Daniel Castro, Sid Morris, Mighty Mike Schermer
Curtis Lawson, Drake Levin, Frankie Ramos, Laura Chavez, Aki Kumar
Les Rosenthal, P.A.Slim, Johnny Cat Soubrand, June Core Mike Pops Phillips Oliver Harris, Terry Hiatt, Chris Cain, Fiver Brown Chris 'Kid' Andersen, Lisa Leushner-Andersen, Pam Hawkins, Johnny Fab, Mark Hummel, Ken Harrill Frank Bey, Reggie Boyd, Jackie Payne and more... 
Opening for numerous bands; John Lee Hocker Sr, Kenny Neal, Pete Escovedo, War, Triumph, Ronnie Montrose, Dave Meniketti, Robben Ford
Tony McAlpine, Robert Farris, opening at; San Jose Jazz Fest and Monterey Blues Fest also back stage with Y&T, Santana, and Tower of Power. 
Oliver Harris 
He started playing at the age of 12 when Myron Dove showed him the chords
to a song he had written he took it from there learning popular songs off the radio and from his older sister record collection. He started playing live on the radio and Church this encompassed everything from Blues
to Motown, his diversification continued when Myron came home with a new genre called "jazz-rock' which introduced him to the sounds of Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock and Stanley Clarke soon followed by Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. His love of these forms of music continues to this day, he still plays in numerous cover bands keeping music alive. 
Mike Pops Phillips 
Pops' has been playing music his whole life daycare was spent in a music
store where his mother returned to work after his father was sent abroad in the military. After a twenty year career in the high tech computer industry
Mike entered the music world as a bass player and hasn't looked back.
Mike has been on the bay area music scene for over 25 years and has been 
hired by the best in the business Rusty Zinn, Andy Santana, John Nemeth Chris "Kid" Andersen, Mighty Mike Schemer, RJ Mischo, Bob Welsh, Steve 
Freund and played in the Charlie Musselwhite Band.
Mike continues to nurture other musicians by hosting a pro-blues jam at Murphy's Law every Monday night and recording live in the studio. 

Johnny Cat 
He started playing guitar as a young man the blues made him famous with a 
lot of well known bands, currently a member of the Terry Hanck band traveling all around the world. He plays a wide variety of styles ranging from jazz, blues and funk. He loves music in general always keeping the crowd up dancing it's great having him in the band.
Special Guest's on Stage
Stuart Horton guitar- Brian Tucker bass- Steve Smith bass- Dwayne O'Neil bass- Paul Olguin bass- Isis Jonsson vocals- Andy Jonsson bass- Vinny Johnson guitar- Doug Mancini-bass- Liv Slingerland guitar- Pat Wilder guitar- Gil De Leon harmonica- Joanne LeBlanc vocals- Robert Green bass- Bob Gutierrez guitar- Jay Meduri guitar- Donnie Green drums- Bobby Canchola bass- Ray Ray Figueroa bass- Aki Kumar, Mike Pops Phillips, Scott Goldberg, 
Pete Contino, Suzanne St John Crane, Dave Crane. Don Caruth, Daniel Lewis
Wil Roberts-bass. Lara price. & many more.
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